Avon Buses #602 (Dennis Dart SLF - Salvador Caetano (2002)) - Wavertree (Liverpool), England (UK)

Photo by Ian F.R. Simpson

Wavertree (Liverpool), England (UK) - 21 April 2018

April 21st 2018 is the final day of operation of Avon Buses service 202 in South Liverpool; after today, Lawrence Road - where this picture was taken - will no longer have a bus service. This is 602, a 16 year old Dennis Dart SLF which was new to Docklands Minibus.

Operator: Avon Buses
Fleet number: 602
Model: Dennis Dart SLF - Salvador Caetano
VIN code: SFD2B2CR31GW16307
Yearmodel: 2002

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